Helliepad #25 who is Stuart Tanner?

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I know this video has been out for a while but I wanted to post it for those who haven’t seen it. NJ Nets point guard Devin Harris and some of his Nets teammates were giving a clinic over in London and he was challenged to a game of 1-on-1 by a guy wearing a sweater and jeans.
The video has been viewed over 4 million times on youtube. The full story is here.


Helliepad #24 beating the Browns

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Just finished with Jim Zorn’s press conference out here at Redskins Park. Here are few nuggets from the day after hearing Zorn and talking to a few players.

*GROUND “Z” MAN Zorn is running the ball like crazy. Not exactly what we expected with the West Coast offense but the heavy dose of running isn’t going to change as long as it’s working.

*DEFENSIVE PRO BOWLERS after talking to the players it seems like London Fletcher and Carlos Rogers should be pro bowl locks if the season ended today.

*MOSS CELEBRATIONSantana said his TD celebration was actually an electric guitar. I thought last night that it was an old school wind up machine gun. ‘Tana said today that he was Rockin on the guitar because the stadium was so loud.


NBC 4 Keys to the Game

*LONDON FLETCHER12 tackles doesn’t even begin to tell the story for London. On the first goal line stand Fletcher was personally responsible for stopping the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down plays. He’s an undersized tackling machine who deserves to make the Pro Bowl. If he doesn’t get voted in then Dan Snyder should fly him to Hawaii on his private jet and put him up at the 4 Seasons in Maui for 10 days. Fletcher is the Heartbeat of the defense.

*CLINTON PORTIS/OFFENSIVE LINE  The offensive line is healthy and opening up lanes. Portis is getting the chance to the get to the second level of the defense and ripping off big chunks.  CP had 3 carries for 20 yards or more yesterday. His 175 yds keeps him firmly entrenched as the leading rusher in the NFL this season.

*CARLOS ROGERS  He’s playing the best football of his career. The scary thing is that he’s doing it while coming off a torn ACL. Rogers is hitting like a safety and covering receivers like spandex. The dude has been on fire the last 5 games.

Helliepad #23 – Redskins Rammed at home

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Just finished up with Jim Zorn’s Monday press conference and talking to some of the players.  Here a few thoughts and nuggets from the day.

*NEW PUNTER  Durant Brooks is gone. Punters coming in on Tuesday to work out. Vinny Cerratosaid on his radio show that Brooks would not be punting this week. Jim Zorn took a softer approach saying that Brooks is battling an injured quad and did not rule out him being back to punt this week. Bottom line. Brooks will probably get an injury settlement.  Zorn is a nice guy and probably didn’t want to say in front of 10 TV cameras that Brooks’ career with the Redskins is toast.

*TURNOVERS UNLUCKY Zorn wouldn’t come out and say it but a couple of those turnovers were just bad luck. Pete Kendall catching a batted ball then fumbling it only to watch the Rams scoop and score from 75 yards away. That’s not going to happen everyday. Casey Rabach’s errant snap to Campbell rarely happens and Cooley almost never fumbles. Bottom line. Zorn is not worried about where the team is focus wise.

*MALCOLM TO  IR?  This if very possible. His knee was drained twice this past week. He’s not contributing and Zorn doesn’t see him contributing anytime soon.

*CAMPBELL STILL PLAYING WELL  Zorn still very happy with JC. He’s the 9th rated passer in the NFL and is the only QB without an interception 

*MOSS QUIET  Zorn not worried about getting the ball to Moss more.  Santana dropped two passes and There were several plays designed for Santana that went to other guys like Portis or Randle El because Santana was covered.

*MOSS WILL RETURN PUNTS  Zorn says Moss will be used as a punt returner on occasion very soon.

*PORTIS IS #1Clinton Portis is the leading rusher in the NFL . He’s averaging 107 ypg and has 643 on the season. Zorn says the thing that impresses him most about CP is that he is a violent runner.

*MARCUS LOOKS GOOD 8 tackles for Marcus Washington yesterday. He told me the hammy didn’t bother him at all and he looked solid.  Speaking of Mr. Washington here’ s some of his bullriding dance. Thanks to my buddy Dan Steinberg at the Post for sending me to the always entertaining Misterirrelevant  site to find the video.

Helliepad #22 – (4-1 and rising)

October 6, 2008 - One Response

If you didn’t believe in the Skins you might want to start. I must admit perched in the press box yesterday watching the guys go down 14-0 midway through the 1st quarter I thought their string of victories would end at 3. Man was I wrong! They Persevered and stuck to the game plan.


*Stuck to game plan and didn’t give up the run. The result was a season high 145 yards for Portis and 203 total rushing yards against the NFL’s #1 ranked run defense.

*No turnovers again. The skins offense still doesn’t have a turnover this season. The only team that can say that in the league. Jason Campbell broke Joey T’s team record for pass attempts without and Interception. JC is now at 175.

*Defense wins Championships. If London Fletcher doesn’t make the Pro-Bowl this year someone should be arrested for voter fraud. London is the leader and seems to always be making plays. He helped shut down Brian Westbrook. After Westbrook scored a TD on the opening drive the Eagles  didn’t see the endzone again. Philly didn’t even pick up a 1st down in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Eagles offense WAS ranked 6th in the NFL

*Zorn. Love this guy and so does every other Redskins fan in the country. His playcalling is unpredicable which keeps the defense off guard. He has guts. Going for it on 4th down and believing in Clinton Portis who actually reccomended the play. Zorn has already earned truckloads of respect from his players and trusting them is a reason why.

Somebody call Kornheiser and get the bandwagon rolling! People are starting to get really hyped about the Skins around here.  The guy who helps me in the service department at the car dealership I visit told me today that he was so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s said he’s been wearing his Skins Jersey into work.  My buddy who’s a high school football coach and an eternal Redskins Pessamist Texted me “I love this team”

Some websits and articles to check out if you have time. Most of them raving about the Redskins.

Steve Wyche from NFL.com says,  “The Redskins are better than a lot of teams because they believe in their legitimacy, even if others don’t”

Paul Domowitch from Philly.com examines how the Skins ground game dominate the Eagles

Peter King’s Monday Morning QB from CNNSI.com

Chris Mottram’s sporting blog on the Sporting News has.com an interesting quote from Eagles QB Donovan McNabb saying “there is no way….. this team is better than us.” Really? Cry Eagles Cry.

Helliepad #22 NFL rankings

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We did this last week and neary all the NFL rankings had the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys in the top 5. This week at least one, Dr. Z from Sports Illustrated has the Redskins in ranked as one of the NFL’s top 5 teams.

On the flip side of the coin the Skins are 6 point dogs to the Eagles and there is a chance Brian Westbrook might not play (he did have limited work in practice today). 

FUNNY Video in honor of Eagles week – “Buddy’s watching you” from 1988 starring Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, and the rest of the Eagles attempting to rap.